3 Days Murchison Falls Safari

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari – Uganda Wildlife Tour to Murchison Falls National Park

3 Day Murchison Falls safari is the best of the Uganda short safaris for glimpsing countless grassland animals and wildlife in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Doing a safari to Murchison Falls National Park, you have the finest chances of identifying some of the early sought-after big cats like the Lion, the King of the Jungle as well as Leopard.

Being the biggest park in Uganda, Murchison Falls  is the most leading safari destination for wildlife tours and offers the largest wild animal viewing safaris in Uganda. Positioned along the Nile with a size of 3,480 square kilometres of various habitats including forests, grasslands, riverine woodland, borassus palms, acacia savanna and water, the safari attraction stands to be the nicest holiday place in Uganda. The huge park protects a great concentration of flora and fauna including a significant 87 mammals plus around 451 bird species. The park acquires the name from the outstanding Murchison Falls found on River Nile, running via it. The waterfalls also considered the most significant asset of the complete progression of the river are the cornerstone of the park. The falls provide a mighty view of the Nile enfolding through a small gap of approximately 7 meters in the middle of rocks discharging into the pool 42 meters lower. In the background, before the depression, the river is peaceful with a mirror-like evenness. However a few metres in its progress, uproar in the water commences to make the vibrantly melodramatic Murchison Falls.

Driving from kampala to Murchison falls takes between about 6 hours in case there is no en rpoute activity like rhino trekking at Ziwa Rhino ranch.  The most common tour activity during the 72-hour Murchison Falls safari is the Game Drive. Game drive means driving into the park using officially established roadways searching some animal species like the Elephants, Giraffes, Uganda Kobs, herds of Buffaloes, Waterbucks, Bushbucks, Lions, Leopards and many more. Birding in the park is another safari activity in the park that is a is home to 450 species of birds including the mysterious Shoebill, Papyrus Gonolek, Swamp Flycatcher, Goliath Heron and others.

The itinerary for This 3 day safari tour to Murchison Falls itinerary includes game safari drives in the savannah coupled with a boat cruise safari on the Nile.  These are the two major safari activities that will uncover lots of animals like lions, elephants, hyenas, giraffes, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, buffaloes and birds plus magnificent scenery. The major highlight nonetheless will be the unforgettable trek to the remarkable top of the falls, the world’s sturdiest waterfalls, where the sights and sounds of the Nile roaring through a wide-ranging crater delivers impressive and deep-down realties to the visitors. The Victoria Nile that divides the national park into two offers basins of hippos and ranges of crocodiles along the riverbanks. There are also large numbers of diverse animal species coming down to the river quench their thirst, sighting that make the 3 day Murchison safari a companionable superlative of select for an African safari explorer.